Saturday, 30 January 2010

An Update - Of Sorts

It has been a week since my last post and essentially nothing has moved on in terms of my diagnosis. I have received my appointment to see the Oncology specialist next Friday morning, that will be when I find out exactly what sort of badness was lurking in my left testicle and what we need to do about it, so come back next week to find out more.

In essence this week has been about recovering from my operation. I stopped taking the painkillers (not that they actually gave me any on discharge) early this week. From that point of view I seem to be recovering well, I've just been getting on with it. My interview was postponed by all of about 18 hours but that did mean the journey to London and on the tube was slightly less uncomfortable than if might have been. My suit trousers were the biggest challenge though - not fun going from roomy PJs to a waistband that sat precisely on my inguinal incision. The interview itself; well I guess it is impossible to say, it could have been better, could have been worse.

In other news, we have our fingers crossed that we may have found a new flat. It has its compromises in terms of size and furniture (in that it doesn't have any), but it does offer a small garden which will be nice and is cheaper than our current place. It is about 50 metres from where we currently live so will be easy to move over a week or two and should provide a stable base where we can get on with more important things rather than having to worry about being made homeless.

By the way, if anyone knows of any lovely Scottish hotels, I'd be grateful for your recommendations. With all this, and going abroad pretty much ruled out, I think a tour of Scotland on honeymoon might be an excellent way to start married bliss.


GrumpyRN said...

Hi, although my information is about 3 years out of date I can recommend the Lovat hotel and the Caledonian Hotel in Fort Augustus, stayed at both. Food in the Lovat was superb, although there is also a very nice pub beside the canal called the Lock Inn. In Fort William I have stayed in the Alexandra and it's sister hotel the Ben Nevis both were very good although the Ben Nevis has the leisure suite which is nice. Just outside Pitlochry there is the Moulin Inn, although I have not stayed there the bar is excellent and did very good food. If you are going to Perth try their head office is the Isle of Skye just over the river from Perth and you can get good cheap accomodation in other places through them. I have stayed at the Clachaig inn in Glencoe, it was nice enough but I was a bit disappointed although that was about 5 years ago - it may be better now (the web site certainly looks better). Bridge of Orchy hotel is nice en route to Fort William.
There are a few others but I can't remember their names. Get on the internet and you will find lots of ideas.

Stuart said...

Skye is good for a visit, and a meal at the four chimneys will impress the lady!

alhi said...

Glad to hear you're doing OK.

Afraid I've no tips for hotels in Scotland!

Jo said...

The Oak-Tree Inn at Loch Lomond is more of a B&B than a full hotel, but is in a gorgeous setting:
They do brilliant food, too!

Hannah said...

I don't know about hotels (only stayed with the in-laws), but Hopeman Beach (between Kinloss/Forres and Lossiemouth) is absolutely beautiful and the Black Isle (just north of Inverness) is lovely, with a very good spot to try and see Dolphins in Fortrose.

Harry said...


Only just caught up with it all. I'm completely shocked, what a horrible start to the year. I sincerely wish you all the best. I cannot imagine how scary the whole thing has been.

I'll be back soon, and will keep reading your updates.

Harry (Unprotected Text)

Anonymous said...

Been on placements so haven't had interwebs- good luck with everything.

Will get the names of a couple of gorgeous hotels for yous from pals who had nice enough partners to take them to nice places!


Anonymous said...

best venison ever- apparently so I've heard.


Jen said...

Glad it got done, good luck.

Echo the above - the oak tree is gorgeous.

I'm from Scotland so, Scottish hotels. have a look at stobo castle - a spa but really just gorgeous, in the borders. the old course hotel in st andrews is also lovely. if you want something truly amazing and hidden away, though, try the harbour inn on islay ( - incredible food and views, and five minutes from two miles of empty gorgeous beach.

Sage said...

Only just heard your news, you are dealing with it very well from what you write. Hope the year ahead and the decade hold better and brighter news for you.

Doctor in Distress said...

Dude, how're things? No updates since February!